Truth Be Told

What is truth? In these times of uncertainty, chaos and deception, truth is difficult to discern without an objective source. Furthermore, people are constantly being bombarded by numerous news sources who’s purpose is to spin the truth based on their political agendas and financial gains. In addition, there is social media which gives voice to anyone who joins or creates a website in order to voice their opinion. Finally, we have the influences of friends, family and religious teachings in our ears.

I Have Questions

With all of the confusion, how does a person determine what is true and what is not? Moreover, what is one’s source of truth? Does a person just accept anyone’s truth without question because they sound like they know what they’re talking about, or they’re in a position of authority or so called higher knowledge? On the other hand, does one discover truth on their own? Believe it or not, truth is never discovered, truth is revealed.

What Does It All Mean?

Most people rarely, if ever, research and read for themselves therefore, it’s no wonder that truth has become a foreign concept. In addition, people are too willing to accept that which is false and readily reject truth because seeking truth requires work and time. Then there are those who refuse to accept truth because they disagree , they don’t believe or the truth creates personal conflict and pain. Do we even know how to search out the truth or understand what truth actually means?

Webster defines truth as: Sincerity; Genuineness; Correspondence to reality; Conformity to rule; Exactness; Correctness; That which is true; That which conforms to fact or reality; That which is or is characterized by being in accord with what is, has been, or must be.

Additionally, we have the theory of truth, the meaning of truth, the concept of truth, the value of truth, the nature of truth, the reality of truth, the significance of truth. Truth is the opposite of false. There are seekers of truth. For example, people have gone off on adventures in search of truth. Scholars debate the subject of truth. Finally, we have your truth and my truth.

To be clear, because one doesn’t agree doesn’t make truth any less true. For instance, we know that the earth is round, but if 250,000 people disagree and vociferously protest that the earth is flat, does that change the fact that the earth is indeed round? No! Truth is not personal. Just because it is our experience that doesn’t necessarily make it true.

The List That Keeps On Growing

I spend quite a bit of time studying historical and biblical truth. I am sharing with you a short list of a few of the books that I am currently researching in my pursuit of truth. Surely, you can see why I have a lot to talk about. As I learn, I share. When you know truth, truth will make you free.

  1. The Complete Apocrypha
  2. The Lost Books Of The Bible And The Forgotten Books Of Eden
  3. Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome, by Dr. Joy Degruy
  4. The Bible Is Black History, by Dr. Theron D. Williams
  5. Chosen Not Cursed, by Jefferson D. Edwards
  6. From Babylon To Timbuktu, by Rudolph R. Windsor
  7. The Valley Of The Dry Bones, by Rudolph R. Windsor
  8. Jewish Identity Among The Igbo of Negeria, by Daniel Lis
  9. The Jew A Negro, by Arthur Talmage Aernethy
  10. The Miseducation Of The Negro, by Carter Godwin Woodson
  11. Medical Apartheid, by Harriet A. Washington
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