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My name is Monica Theus, but when I married in 1988 I took the name Williams. I have been divorced since 2000. I am the mother of two beautiful daughters. My oldest is Keanyatta Korrim, I named her after Jomo Kenyatta who was the first President of Kenya, Africa. Keanyatta has blessed me with two beautiful grandchildren, Lorraine and Zayden. My youngest daughter is Mary Agnes, named after my maternal grandmother. To date Mary has blessed me with a grandpuppy, his name is Zero.


I find myself in a transitional period of my life. Looking back and looking forward. I have been working on my job for 35 years, much longer than I ever dreamed I’d be there, I’m very greatful because I know I have been blessed. I have raised my children and they are doing well, I did my job. Now what? In all thy ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path. I have been looking inward and upward, learning to listen, and learning to trust. God has been showing me my gifts and my passions and how everything in my life has been used by Him to bring me to this place right now. I am becoming me. 

At the age of about 6 years old I began to express myself through writing, and by the time I was in junior high school I started to dream of writing books and publishing a magazine. At one point I was considering the study of journalism, but the choices that I made and the consequences of those choices ultimately led me on a different path. I am and have always been a writer, but up until now I have kept my writing to myself. I have also been a lifelong lover of books. Lately, it seems that God has been leading me to a higher level of reading on various topics. I have come to realize that there is purpose in the direction that I am being led. 

Photography is another passion that began to develop at a very young age. I have been taking pictures all of my life. I find that I see the world almost through a lens. Shades and colors fascinate me. I love to capture landscapes, mountains, flowers, the ocean, buildings, and people. Seeing the look on the face of someone as they view the beautiful images of themselves, perceiving their beauty, is my greatest reward. Until now I have kept all of my pictures in boxes and on my computer. 


God is a God of love, yet I don’t always see love being displayed in the church. What I have seen being displayed (in the name of Jesus) is a spirit of pride and control. I read a lot of articles and news stories on line, many times I read the comments on the different platforms that I visit and I am saddened and discouraged when I read the negative, pain filled, sometimes hateful comments from many people who are disillusioned about Jesus Christ and God. These people are looking at the religion of man, which can be contrary to the true nature and character of God; they recognize the lies and manipulation that have been fed to us in the church, and they hold that against God. People judge and ultimately reject God based on the behavior of man. God has told me to tell people about His love. Get back to the basics. Share the Gospel. Be a contagious Christion. That is my purpose. My goal is not to give information, but to carve out a path towards transformation and liberty. 

Black people in America are in need of healing, healing from the effects of Post Traumatic Slave Syndrome (yes it is a thing). Black people in America don’t know who we are. We have been lied to by the falsely written pages of America’s history books, television, and the movies we watch, the media, and yes our churches; as a result many of us live out our lives dictated by the effects of those lies. Because the effects of those lies are so engrained in us, we pass those lies and false narratives down to our children, effectively passing on generational mental and intellectual bondage.



am searching for liberty and TRUTH. I want to invite my people (Black people) to join me on a path to freedom, healing, spiritual awakening, self-knowledge, self-love, love of God, and TRUTH. I want to invite you to join me as I search for understanding of who we are and who we come from so that we can move into who we are destined to be. To those who are not Black, you are welcome on this journey too, for we ALL have been impacted by the damaging effects of our past. We learn together, we grow together, we heal together. 

We must return and claim our past in order to move toward our future. It is understanding who we were that will free us to embrace who we now are.  — Sankofa – Go Back and Get It 


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