Honoring The Past in Love

In the last few weeks I’ve been doing some reviews that involved reading some of my old journals. You know I’m a believer that we must return and claim our past in order to move toward our future. It is in understanding who we were that will free us to embrace who we now are. And so, I came across an entry that I wrote on June 17, 2017. At the time I wrote this I was on a plane traveling to Nairobi, Kenya for the first time. As I read it I got goose bumps, I had forgotten the powerful emotions that I was experiencing during that trip. I decided to share.


I am currently on a plane on my way to Nairobi, Kenya to do some work. When I say that I have the best job. I still can’t believe this is happening. There is a screen on the back of the seat in front of me and I pulled up a map that shows our current location during flight; we actually flew over Atlantic City where I was born. This is so cool!!

So I’m going to Africa! I have always wanted to see Africa, I just never imagined that I actually would. The thing that keeps filling my spirit is my ancestor. That person whoever he or she was, all those many years ago. When was it? Who was it? What was their name? Where did they come from? Who was the family that was left behind? How did they end up in America and where? They survived a horrible experience and endured the humiliation of slavery, their precious freedom stolen from them. They must have dreamed of home until the day they died. Out of all of that suffering and trauma, I came to be.

For as far back as I know, my family members have all been free. We don’t know the names of any that were slaves. Thanks to my parents, I have lived a good life. I have had many opportunities available to me. I have always had the freedom to make choices. While the choices that I made may not have always been good ones, I had the freedom to make them. I have two wonderful daughters and two grandchildren, so my ancestors still live though them.

Now after all these years (however many it has been) I will set foot on their land. This means so much. I am so grateful that God has allowed me to have this moment in life. I pray that somehow my spirit can connect, and my ancestor can know that I honor them. With love and honor I am returning to your land. Thank you God!

Resting At The Tribe Hotel

On the plane from Amsterdam to Nairobi, I sat next to two men who were returning home to Nairobi. I sat next to a young man who I learned, after chatting, was 19 and a student at a University in San Diego studying electrical engineering. The other gentlemen was older, maybe closer to my age. I was fascinated by how beautifully black they both were, almost black as night. I have rarely seen that. At one point as we were both resting, my arm was touching the young man next to me; what a contrasting difference there was. I couldn’t help but think how diluted so many of us American decedents of slaves are. These Africans are pure Black and the power of that radiates from them. I love it! It must be a wonderful thing to know who you are.

I am exhausted; it has been a long trip. I’m in Africa!!!!!

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