Lessons from Mommy

I am who I am because of Edrina Luberta Theus…..Mommy. My mother loved and nurtured me, patiently teaching me and encouraging me to learn, to explore, and grow. I inherited my love of reading and passion for books from my mother.

I think one of the most valuable lessons that I learned from my mother was to know and understand who I am as a Black person in America. She made sure that I knew my history and who Black people REALLY are. We are not the ignorant, shuffling, lazy, yessa Massa slaves that we have been told that we are for generations.

My mother taught me to hold my head up high, understanding and knowing that I am intelligent, strong, powerful, graceful, beautiful, a leader, a child of God. The greatest thing that I can do is educate myself, keep growing and keep learning because no one can ever take that from me.

I don’t have enough space to list all of the things that Mommy taught me, but here are 20 of them:

  1. Jesus loves me
  2. Books are wonderful (Never stop reading)
  3. God sees everything and he’s everywhere and he knows everything
  4. Pray before you go to sleep
  5. Family is important
  6. Eat healthy and exercise
  7. Wear your bra (If you don’t your breast will be hanging to your navel by the time you’re 30)
  8. Be sure to wash the back of your neck
  9. Speak correctly, NEVER say ain’t
  11. Use a dictionary
  12. Think before I speak (still working on that one)
  13. Have some class
  14. Be a lady, carry yourself with dignity
  15. How to dream and imagine
  16. Learn to do new things (Take lessons in whatever)
  17. How to drive (I was 11)
  18. How to cook (my Mom’s greens are the best)
  19. How to clean a stove (A clean stove is everything)
  20. March to the beat of my own drum
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